Another Cryptic Oh No

JOE ADULTMAN IS ONE OF THE LOVELIEST CRYPTIC CONSTRUCTORS OUT THERE AND HE HELPED WITH BASICALLY EVERY PART OF THE PUZZLE. THANK YOU JOE also hi jamie also also here is a google document with helpers in case you are struggling and/or i'm bad at making clues .puz

Oh Baby Two Triples Oh Yeah (Themeless Midi)

if the olds don't vote for this one then that would make sense (made for the crosshare midi contest with the theme of having at least 4 spanners) .puz

My Favorite Crossword Clues Of 2022!

Hey, an actual blog post on my blog instead of just a puzzle! I've been making a list of the best crossword clues I've encountered from puzzles this year (mainly the first half, as you may notice, because I started to forget about the project entirely a couple times), and there are a good many of them! Also sorry that the fonts and colors are inconsistent and that there are some other oddities, I'm still bad at figuring out this whole blogging thing They all break into several different categories. WE HAVE: GREAT QUESTION MARK CLUES [See one's way out?] - POPEMOBILE (Kate Chin Park and Brian Thomas, "a wee little puzzle", 1/11/2022) [King's "The Shining"?] - CROWNJEWELS (Ariel Haymarket and Erik Agard, “Sheydah #0 (365 + 100)”, 1/12/2022) [Places to take one’s pick?] - MINES (Paolo Pasco, The Atlantic, 1/19/2022) [Clear air transmission?] - RADIOEDIT (Paolo Pasco, The Atlantic, 1/21/2022) [Laying down in a river?] - ROE (Hameltion, “Puzzle 1