With Or Without You / Ten (with Norah Sharpe)

Yo yo, got another puzz for ya, hot off them presses

It's got the look of a Universal but the flavor of a Frisco

And you can tell what the cluing process was like based on all of the parentheticals

Oh also it's a collab! With Norah Sharpe! She is super cool! Check her out if you don't already know her!

She's doing a shtick where she does a puzzle every day this month for a thing called NaCroWriMo (inspired by the wonderful Ada Nicolle) and she is *definitely* on track with it

This is the tenth one, hence the second name of the puzzle

Norah note: "Hi! This is my second time working with frisco (see his “Nice Try” I hosted here). I was impressed then by his unique style and his drive to include what’s important to him.

My favorite kind of collab is when someone brings me an idea for a theme that I get to grid and then we co-clue. (hmu, potential collabbies!) While Frisco ended up drafting most of the clues and I got the pleasure of editing, I think you’ll find both of our voices alllllll over this one."

Enjoy this bad boy

I made the theme, Norah made the grid, and we collabed on the cluing (though I did most of it :sunglasses:)

.puz / applet or whatever (open in a new tab)


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